Feeding the Chocolate Addition – Special K Brownies

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Special K Snack bars, but in addition to that, I also got to sample some Special K Brownies. I never thought I had a sweet tooth unless you count chocolate. chocolate is just my one habit I cannot get rid off.  And quite frankly, I believe treating yourself once in a while, or once a day is better than constantly feeling deprived.  Then again, I’m a girl who rather run laps then go on a diet.


Special K Brownies come in two flavors whose names own up to their taste – Divine Fudge and Heavenly Caramel.  Each treat is only 80 calories but are more than enough to satisfy that craving. They are surprisingly moist and taste decadent. And while I’m not the biggest fan of individual packaging because I think it’s wasteful for the environment, when in comes to cookies and brownies, I need that separate packaging to keep me in check. Either that or a good hypnotist because a pan of brownies = one serving in my mine otherwise.

FullSizeRender (6)

If you’re into nutritional facts, they have about 13g of carbs, 3g of it being fiber and 7g sugar. But honestly, a treat is a treat, so I just enjoy them with a nice strong cup of coffee before a run. I don’t use milk or sugar in my tea/coffee but nothing goes better with it than chocolate!


Visit www.specialk.com for more information on the new Special K® Brownies, available now at grocery and mass retail stores nationwide. You can also find out more by joining the chatter on Kellogg’s Facebook ( Special K) Or Twitter ( Special K ).


What’s your favorite treat?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K.

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Controlling the Munchies & #SpecialKSnackBars

The past few months, which have felt like years, have been on and off in regards to running.  You’d figure my stomach would eventually catch on to less running, less eating… but old habits die hard, or least require some adjustments. When you’re running 80 miles a week, you don’t really question your runchies… when you’re running 8 miles a week, you probably should (unless you replaced it with other activity).

So I started paying closer attention to habits and altering them a bit to stay in line with my fitness activity.

Hydration – Sometimes I’m not so hungry as I am thirsty. I like to add lemon or a splash of juice to my water.  Also since I don’t like cold water in the winter, sometimes I add a few splashes from the hot water line to make it more room temperature.

Man drinking water from huge water bottle

Break Time– Around 2PM I get a craving.. but it’s really not a craving.. it’s more of a desire for an excuse to take a work break. I don’t drink coffee in the afternoon, but I’ll walk over to another floor or a water blubber further away from my desk to refill my bottle. Sometimes I just take a few minutes and walk around the block to clear my head on really busy days. It’s not hunger for food, but a hunger for a brain break. It’s okay, sometimes we feel so busy and so overwhelmed that taking a few minutes from our desk feels like cheating, when really it’s just an aid to recharge. You don’t need a purpose, just take a breath of fresh air. Assuming the office elevators aren’t doing some creepy American Horror type thing, I am usually in and out in about 7 minutes and completely spacing on those munchies I wanted earlier.

walk outside the office

Okay so this is actually a photo from the summer… but nothing like a nice short walk in negative 20 degree wind chills to wake you up? Right?

Healthier Treats– And sometimes you really are just a bit hungry and just a bit munchy so picking out a low calorie (but sweet cause I like treats) snack is needed.

Recently I had a chance to try the new Special K Chewy Snack Bars that come in Berry Medley, Blueberry Bliss, Salted Caramel Chocolate and Salted Pretzel Chocolate.

FullSizeRender (4)

I loved the Chewy texture and being able to see the Wholesome ingredients (chunks of chocolate, pretzel, fruit pieces, rolled oats).

And my favorite part is that these bars are on the smaller side and only 100 calories. I’m guilty of constantly eating half a granola bar and then finding the other half weeks later in my purse looks a whole lot less like a granola bar.

FullSizeRender (5)

Yup, there’s totally a bite in each…

One caveat is that they are relatively nut free abut with that, they are also low in protein and fiber.

Visit www.specialk.com for more information on the new Special K® Chewy Snack Bars, available January 2015 at grocery and mass retail stores nationwide. You can also find out more by joining the chatter on Kellogg’s Facebook ( Special K) Or Twitter ( Special K ).

What flavor Special K Chewy Snack Bar are you most excited to try?

Do you ever have munchies? What’s your favorite way to combat them?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K.


#TurnItGreen – Repreve Hat Giveaway

Its another cold, snowy dreary winter day in Boston. We ended up not going to the Cape for the Fat Ass due to high chance of bad weather in a 4 hour round trip drive. If, I lived closer, I would have went, because it’s still one of the most beautiful and unique runs I’ve ever done, but for now I’ll have to wait until next year. Instead, I’m going to slip and slide around my neighborhood after posting my awesome new giveaway! And I won’t lie, I did enjoy sleeping in until 10AM vs. 4AM had we went!

You may remember my two posts regarding my favorite ways to #turnitgreen and Repreve and the awesome hat they mailed me. Well I got two hats and I was going to give one to Tony, but since he refuses to run outside when it’s below 50 degrees, I decided one of my awesome readers will give it more use. Although I personally think I look quite awesome commuting on the train in it as well.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

And after entering my giveaway be sure to check out their contest for some cold hard cash!

REPREVE #TurnItGreen X Games contest:

Grand Prize: $5,000 cash

To celebrate the X Games, REPREVE invites participants to share how they “turn it green”, or how they live a more sustainable life by recycling or reusing materials, by sharing an image or video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine with the #TurnItGreen hashtag.

How to Enter

Once you share the image or video with the hashtag, you will be entered into a sweepstakes where five entries will be randomly selected as the Top Five. Those five will be voted on by visitors to Repreve[dot]com where the image or video with the most votes will win a $5,000 cash prize. The other four video entries will receive a REPREVE Jacket and a Go-Pro camera (retail valued at over $350).”

#SDPharma – SD Pharmaceuticals Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of SDPharmaceuticals.

To be honest, I am not very experienced with taking supplements. I’m also not a doctor, nor a student of medicine beyond my own personal knowledge of what works and doesn’t work for me. I tend to eat a lot of vegetables in my diet and as “balanced” as I think I need to be. Furthermore, my running addiction has made me very lucky in not having to worry too much about fat loss and weight loss, although the thoughts do go through my head like any other western woman. I’m brainwashed like any other.

However, lately, I’ve been wondering about my nutrition for performance and general health while traveling, or when I’m super busy with work and tend to eat the majority of my meals from take out containers at my desk. So when I had the opportunity to test out some supplements from SD Pharmaceuticals with my Fitfluential affiliation, I went for it.

First, I goggled up SD Pharmaceuticals. I haven’t heard of them before so I wanted to research something before consuming it into my body. As someone who relies on her body for majority of my hobbies and passions, I take some interest into what my temple takes in (we can discuss my sugar addiction later).

About SD Pharmaceuticals:

“The Research Team at SD Pharmaceuticals only produces the most sophisticated ingredients and formulas, and those which are clinically validated in human research studies. If there isn’t any solid research behind an ingredient, then SD Pharmaceuticals’ researchers won’t use it! That’s what really distinguishes SD Pharmaceuticals from every other sports supplement company out there. On top of that, SD Pharmaceuticals only uses the most potent forms of every ingredient available, which includes pharmaceutical-grade synthetics and exclusive standardized herbal extracts.”

I was sent the following items:

SD Pharm

Dendrobium 600 – Used to promote the health of the stomach, kidney, and lungs
Diindolylmethane – Used to help maintain healthy hormonal balance in the body and support overall well being
Garcinia Cambogia – Used to support healthy serotonin levels and reduce appetite
Green Coffee Bean – Used to support fat loss, provides healthy antioxidants and reduce weight
Raspberry Ketone – Used to inhibit fat accumulation, increases calorie expenditure, and increases fat breakdown

As mentioned before, I don’t consider fat loss/appetite as my issues. If I wanted to eat less, I would run less. So I did not try those. However, after traveling for 3 weeks and not ever exercising due to heat, pollution and more excuses than I need to list, I might try the some of the fat burning ones.

I looked up each of the supplements in a little more detail. The one thing I noticed for all, is that not a lot is known about the effects on pregnancy or breastfeeding, so had I been either of those, I would not have taken any.

Stacking up the benefits

The company also provided me with a little useful chart that shows how combining the supplements makes them more beneficial for whatever goals you may have.

I decided to stack only Dendrobium & Dim. 

Dendrobium is a member of the orchid plant family. It is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dendrobium has been used in China for over 1000 years to promote the health of the stomach, kidneys and lungs. In addition to its use as a medicine, it is also used as a powerful strengthening tonic


SD Pharm Den

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a natural compound formed during the breakdown of plants and the digestion of indole-3-carbinol, from the Brassica genus of plants. (Some of the vegetables of this genus include, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale.) Both men and women use DIM to support healthy estrogen metabolism and hormonal balance in the body.


SD Pharm Dim


I took one capsule a day after breakfast daily. Overall, I’ve been feeling great and energetic each day while constantly traveling for three weeks (two of them through developing countries). I thought I would feel more tired since my diet has gone worse as I’ve been eating a lot less vegetables and a lot more rice regularly than I normally do. However, some of the highs could be just from the excitement of my vacation. I will continue taking both and see how I feel now that I’ve returned to my daily life of working and responsibilities.

To learn more about the supplements I took or other ones available, visit SDPharmaceuticals website.