Gearing up (or lack of) for Boston

Total Miles for the day – 14.5 , 2 runs but more on that later

The Boston Marathon is sub 3 weeks away and I am having minor freak outs!

I know, I need to close my eyes, count to 3 and say my blessings.

I’ve been told that Boston Marathon is huge and to be prepared. B I got my packet in the mail to remind me just how close it is to the race.

Although there are only 9 corrals, it seems there are 23,999 or more runners. B We’re going to get close, real close… Sweating on each other yoga close. B I’ll be in the last corral with other charity runners sadly instead of 4-6 (estimate based on my recent running times). B I am incredibly gracious to be running for the Boston Medical Center; but a small yet very loud part of me is very anxious of the start. B I had a panic attack for several miles at Rock n Roll marathon when I started late due to a broken train with the slower pace runners. B I felt trapped, and myB adrenalineB rushed up! B Although, I think my fear of the crowd and ultimate desire to get away kept me running at a faster pace than what I would normally be running. B Maybe an overwhelming need to catch up to other runners will keep me motivated to run faster!

Now thisB athletesB village thing and the bus thing isB intriguingB and yet frustrating at the same time. B Do I really want to drag my butt into Boston, onto a bus 3.5 hours before the marathon. B I might as well just run there and then run back in that time! B I find this athlete village exciting though. B I am contemplating having Tony (whose taking the day of in my honor ❤ ) drop me off instead. B Decisions, decisions..

I also found this mile by mile guide of the Boston marathon that’s making me pretty excited all over again. B Mile by Mile Boston Marathon Guide B Aside from potential knee pain of going downhill, my lack of gear or skill to know my pace and possibly the dullness of running through framingham and all those other places; the race seems easier than DC. B Maybe, just maybe, if its not insanely hot, and I’m not insanely hungry and cranky from being up several hours before the race, I can PR and go sub 3-24. B I like to dream big, or pretend. B Maybe I’m just on a high from despite having an stressed work day, I have not one but TWO GOOD runs.

Hi good runs, I missed you! B I feel like after DC all my runs have beenB mediocreB at best due to me constantly feeling stressed that I have no time for anything. B Its okay, April 15th is almost here and in reality I only really have one week of work busyness left.

8:29 pace on a 3 incline… My fastest lunch time run yet on that incline. B It hurt, but I knew I wanted to de-stress and I felt much moreB pleasantB as a human being afterwards.

6.9MPH, 8:41 pace on incline 2… I took it as an easy evening run. B I could have gone faster, but I wanted to not over-stress my body so I took it easier than I could have just to get in more final miles. B Overall I felt pretty good about running again.

Also, I’m back on the juice and by juice I mean high fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring that can only taste so good from M&Ms. That might be why my runs went so well today.

They stopped having the M&M 240 calorie bags available in the snack closet. B They changed it for something healthier, almonds or something like that. B However, I realized that I can go up to the cafeteria and just raid the frozen yogurt toppings instead. B Although, if you fill up 3 little cups of these, the purpose of portion control might have been slightly defeated.

After my run, I decided Tony needed something special from me for coming home so late, lately. B I emailed him this.

Yes, in our household instead of sexting, we do sweatexting. B And by we, I mean me because I take full pride in the buckets of sweat I produce from just one hour of running.

Do you think you sweat a lot? A little? Just enough?

Do you have a guilty pleasure snack that makes your runs go faster? B Mine are M&Ms. B Milk chocolate M&Ms or chocolate covered acai berries. B Yum Yum.