Nothing like a run on your monday off

I love 3 day weekends, but then again who doesn’t.B Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones to have today off.

Today’s workout – Tempo Run

16 Miles 2 hours 16 minutes, easy course slight incline that comes back down in the in end.

I’m lucky in the fact that my run starts with an incline when I’m full of energy and ends on a decline for my last two miles when I’m tired and just trying to get home.B My first 5 miles were slower and comfortable because I forgot I was running as I was listening to the chatter on Jillian Michael’s podcast.B Once I realized that I wasn’t keeping up with my tempo speed, I switched to music and picked up the pace.B First music album of choice was La Roux (Self Titled), when that finished, I switched to Libertines (Self Titled) and ended with Glee cover of Run Joey Run as I took it home.B Overall, I ended the run in awe of the speed I was able to maintain and the increase in my endurance over the past month.B Maybe I am ready for DC after all.B My knee started acting up again probably due to the slight up and downs.B I’m icing and hoping that it’ll behave by marathon time.B Here are the splits:

I did do one thing different this run, I actually ate.B I woke up with no running clothes, so I occupied myself by doing laundry this morning, readingB Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and munching on a full Pita.B I usually don’t eat before my run due to fear of having to go go while I’m running.B Eating the giant pita definitely gave me much better energy than I usually have when running on just tea.B Post run, I made some curry arugula cheese egg white scramble with salsa on top.

While I was running there was a slight accident with my two boys.B One moved the vase of flowers onto a different table.B The other boy (cat) decided to knock it over and spill it all over Tony’s desktop and backup hard-drive.B All electronics have been unplugged, some are sitting in while rice and we are keeping our fingers crossed that nothing broke.

Meanwhile, this guy is now snoring without a care in the world:

I figured I’d also take this time to recap my wonderful 2012 Valentine’s day.B After work, I convinced Tony to run a 5K with me that turned into a 4 miler instead.B Then this boy got to work.

Some people get filet Mignon, Some people get scallops, I get both!

You can tell he was totally appreciative of me being completely useless and snapping away with my camera.

I love him!