Wandering about Topsfield Fair

For 10 BIG days, the town of Topsfield goes from a population of 7K to 500K! Why? The state fair! I’ve never been to a state fair before but I figured I should to continue achieving the American dream. Well I didn’t know how I would get enough time, but I found myself with a few free hours on Sunday and instead of washing my hair (yea I went through 3 races, 10 days, and lots of dry shampoo and braids) I decided I wanted to pet barn animals and eat a damn turkey leg.

The entrance fee is $15 on weekends and $11 on non-holiday weekdays per person. However, this doesn’t include a fee of $10 per car parking, which is impossible to avoid unless you know someone who lives there and feel like running/walking on a highway. There is a second option of where you park a few miles away and take a shuttle. You still need to pay for that parking but I think it’s a few bucks cheaper; however, i don’t know how often the mystery shuttle runs. Another option is to take the highway an exit up and come back from the north towards Topsfield. Either way, I wasn’t smart enough to know these alternatives and so we sat for about 90 minutes waiting to park. And by the way, parking is CASH only. Everything else inside has an ATM and credit card for the most part.

Topsfield Fair Selfie

When your car is parked literally in traffic, all you can do is take selfies

Topsfield Fair Bee wax

We hit up the bee area first but it was sprawling with kids just like every other spot in the fair. Maybe kids get in free? They were all out of local honey halfway through the fair (10 days), however, there was a small station where you can make your own bees wax candles. However, I didn’t want to break any children’s dream and I hate lines so we moved on.

Topsfield Fair Train

They had this really cool train model with 3 trains running.  Choo choo!

Topsfield Fair Sheep

We then went to the sheep and goat barn. There were many price winners there. What the judgement criteria is, I have no clue. They all seemed lovable to me.

Topsfield Fair pigs

The next barn we explored were the pigs. With many many babies!!!!!! BAAAAAAAAAAYBEEEE PIGS!!!

Topsfield Fair Cows love

The cattle were mostly napping and looked bored to death. Also, although I’m not expert, I feel like they were kept way to confined to each other. Almost ass to ass.Topsfield Fair Cows

Do you know it was someone’s job to clean the poop all day as the cattle’s nature called. talk about a shitty job!

Topsfield Fair Horns

And this poor fellow, I think because of his horns was all alone, all alone.

Topsfield Fair Roaster

Next came the chickens, roasters and pigeons? They’re fancy pigeons but if I saw them in a park, I wouldn’t know the difference.

Topsfield Fair Flower

Next came the barn with the flowers, some were pretty, some were floral designs and some looked like bushes that I saw nothing special about besides maybe it was the best bush of the year? I skipped the photos on those. The colorful flowers were a little wilted I think from being on display for 9 days already.

Topsfield Fair Rabbit


They had a barn with rabbits, and hamsters and other critters you could buy. I was almost convinced to buy one until I noticed all the droppings in their cage and decided I purfur to get another cat instead!

Topsfield Fair pumpkin winner

For our final stop, we hit the agriculture barn to see the record breaking world’s largest pumpkin. There was a long line to take photo with the front of this big boy/girl but it’s back was just as large so seemed good enough for me.

Topsfield Fair Pumpkin Melon

And check out those melons!  A nice pair of jugs. I don’t remember the weight of the 2013 largest pumpkin, but it didn’t even come close to the one displayed there from 2012. The world’s first one ton pumpkin, grown by New Englander Ron Wallace from Greene, RI, weighed in at a whopping 2009 pounds!!!

Topsfield Fair Peppers

Besides the pumpkin, you can feast but with only your eyes on million types of peppers, tomatoes, green beans and anything and literally everything in between. However, since the produce has been chilling there for almost two weeks already, most looked like they’ve had better days.

Talk to me peeps!

Have you ever been to a state fair?

How do you feel about farm animals?

Have you ever owned a rabbit as a pet?