Running Weekly Recap Up The Fall

So I had some changes to my life. I switched jobs because I wanted to pursue another opportunity. And while change is always exciting and there’s some sadness to leaving the familiarity, one thing I am sad to part with is MY TREADMILL in my only job’s gym. Having a corporate gym was a pretty sweet perk. So I spent my final week saying goodbye to my old friend. My old job moved offices two years ago and me and MY TREADMILL have had a long love-hate relationship. It’s always felt like running on this treadmill was so much harder than any other, but it was reliable and consistent in it’s performance. I knew that when I had a fast time, it’s because I was running strong, better. So goodbye my old friend, you shall be missed. I dedicate this week of training to ye olde MY TREADMILL.

Monday – 10 Miles 8 miles at 7:24 pace and 2 final at 8:05. All on incline 2.

Tuesday – 10 Miles 8:18 average pace. Legs are tired, but I’m working on running when the mind says no, when the legs are still moving.

Wednesday – 5Miles 8:20 for an easy type of day. Plus it was dark outside and trying to avoid breaking my face is key

Thursday 13.21 Miles On the charles, focused on some faster paced run. 7:47 average pace that includes warm up and cool down.

Friday 3.1 7:50 pace on incline 3 on my last day in the old job.

Saturday 20.2 Miles Visited my parents in Brooklyn and ran along the waterfront. When I was running with the win I hit 7:30s, against the wind and it was 8:15s. Weather was quickly approaching 80 degrees and by mile 16.5 I was severely dehydrated. Had to make a pitstop to a Wendy’s for some soda and water. Wrapped up a few final miles and headed home. Average pace which doesn’t include my slow and painful wait at Wendy’s is 8:@1

Sunday 15.1 Miles This was part of my NYC running tour. 

Total Miles 77 Miles

High Mileage felt good


The next week was tricky. I was traveling a great deal for work between NY & DC area. This presented some logistics in regards to my planning. I didn’t have a car and unfortunately, it gets dark way too early. And the part of Virginia where I was going for work training had more of a highway vs a beautiful running path. So needless to say I had limited options for a running path. I also happened to get sick. Yep, nothing like a pleasant sinus cold to help rack up those miles.

Monday – Rest Day, I didn’t want to but I was traveling so there wasn’t a good time to find a shower anyways

Tuesday – 10.1 Miles 7:43 pace was on a hotel treadmill on a slight incline. I felt great the whole run but I don’t know if that was a statement of my fitness or if I was on the “easy” treadmill.

Wednesday – 3.1 Miles Another travel day, heavy flight delays and getting home ultra late. I felt all gross and I know the one thing that instantly makes me feel better and clears my sinus is a run. Kept it short at 7:27 pace because I had to hop right into bad ASAP.

Thursday – 10.5 Miles A day where there was still some day light left as the days get shorter and short. Sub 8 minute pace for most of it was a little surprising but I guess the cool weather just kept me hoping.

Friday – 8 Miles 8:07 pace in the morning before work. Felt a bit tired

Saturday – 13.1 Miles Somerville Homeless Coaltion 5K with 6:42 pace and after much whining and moping and napping I ran 10 more at 8:18 pace. Between the dreary week and my sinus cold, I felt super out of it.

Sunday 16.1 Miles Cambridge 5K at 7:02 pace (although my watch said I ran 3.25 vs 3.1) and 13.1 Miles or so afterwwards with a mix of trails, roads and fireroads. It really was beautiful on the trails before I took a huge fall on the pavement around the corner of my house. If you want to see the gruesome results of the wreck that is me, check out instagram LianaRogue

But if you don’t want to look at bloody knees and more, here’s some pretty fall photos of the woods


Total Miles 61 Miles

Well the week went well considering I was sick and traveling alot with the exception of my epic fall literally .05 miles from my house. That really sucked.


QOTD – When tracking miles in your running log do you take race distance or garmin distance for your own personal tracking? I’ve always taken the shorter of the two to be conservative. For my 5k that my watch said 3.25, I tracked a 3.1 for my log. For my 5K that ended up being a 3 miler, I only tracked 3 miles. 

NYC Marathon Training Week 11 – A week in the dumps

I’ve had a stressful many days last week but the highlight of my week was a gift to help in my NYC marathon training.

Kinda Awesome

Thank you! Those definitely helped as I’m running between work and my sneaked in runs!

This week was a very low mileage week for me. It was just out of my control. Could I have woken up earlier or ran in the middle of the night? Sure, but I’m pretty certain my body wouldn’t handle it with my work hours and I prefer to start a race a little unprepared than injured.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 8 Miles
8:15 pace even though I took a rest day before. I was definitely feeling the fatigue of late work nights and high mileage of last week.

Wednesday – 8 Miles
This time I tried to push myself. 7:37 pace made me happy enough. Plus my path gets so gorgeous this time of year!

Woods are lovely

Thursday – NADA

I could have maybe ran a 5 miler or 3 miles at some point in the day, but I was tired and eating apple pie with ice cream seemed like a more productive break.

Friday – 8 Miles
Another early morning run. Tried to go fast to make up for the lack of mileage and once again landed to an average pace of 7:37

Saturday – 15 Miles
After getting home late from work, I overslept my alarm and barely had any time for a run before I had an appointment and work again. I was running at a great pace for 10 miles at around 7:40 but hit a wall after stressing out paranoid about work. Once I wore myself out mentally, my body and legs followed. They started to feel dead and my pace slowed down a lot. Average pace ended up being 7:57 but I feel like I could have ran faster overall if I didn’t have a minor freak-out in my head about work and not being able to get in another road 20 miler before NY. Ideally, I wanted to run 22-24 miles. Lesson here is, don’t worry, just run!

Sunday – Nada
I had the Tufts 10K on Monday and I decided going to the Topsfield Fair was a better use of my time. Come GIANT Pumpkin or running? GIANT PUMPKIN always wins!

Total Miles – 39

Total Feelings – Cranky & exhausted from it all