A catch up of running

I didn’t write a recap of week three of training because I have to admit I didn’t get very far after Thursday’s run. B I did reach 33 miles but it was only because I went hard Tuesday and Thursday. B Friday came, no run, Saturday no run, and Sunday still no run. B I did cool things like hike and bike; but I really didn’t have a good excuse for not running Sunday. B Truth was I was scared and lazy. B It was too hot, I was “busy” visiting my family and I really didn’t want to run on a breakdown lane of a highway since upstate NY does not have anywhere for pedestrians.

Yes call me pansy but this city runner is not into it. B I did do some big time gambling. B I won $9 of a penny machine just to lose most of it on scratch lotto tickets afterwards!

I guess I’m not as skilled at Penny Gambling as my parents.

Luckily week 4 of training towards something or other is going better! B At least as far as total miles go! B 47 and I still have a possible “long” run tomorrow. B I have to admit, going past 13 miles hasn’t been achieved yet since the heat started and the skating ring where I get my water has closed down for the season.

Monday 6.1 miles on the treadmill and 7 miles after work. B I wanted to go for 10 after work since I didn’t run for 3 miles but as soon as I hit the pavement in the heat my legs felt dead as I struggled after 3 miles and called it a day after stopping by the house for more water.

Tuesday 6.35 miles on the treadmill, tried to doB speed-workB but I am not at the speed I was in March when things were cooler and breathing was easier. B Since I was going to skip my regular strength class due to plans I decided it was time to dust off my Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zone video.

My trainer on the other hand gave me the stink eye each time I only did half the reps Jillian did and watched Glee Project instead. B I guess he did not approve.

Wednesday was America’s birthday and my anniversary with the Tony. B We celebrated in true Run to Munch fashion by running and munching. B 8.5 miles we slaved away together. B After I went off and did 4.6 more to end at 13.1. B It took two litters of water, lots of rest breaks and an average pace when all was said and done at 10 minute miles. B Not my goal speed but humidity hits me like that and I was still glad to be doing double-digits.

Thursday – 6.1 miles during lunch which felt exceptionally easy & pleasant after running in the hot humid day of Wednesday

Friday – 3.35 quickie before a very special date =)

Saturday – Quick 4.5 miles at the Y followed by a slow walk in the humidity back home..

Now I should probably sleep so I can run long tomorrow and be a productive homeowner and work on fixing the broken windows in the attic.

My life is full of glamour!

How to run in 95 degree weather or just hot weather… Part 1 of 2

Here’s the funny part about living in Boston;  When you tell people you train outside during the winter in negative degree snowbound weather, they don’t bat an eye but tell them you went running during 95 degree weather and suddenly you’re crazy. Although our heat wave is slowing down in Boston, summer is by no means over. The 2012 Boston Marathon proved that even in April you’re not safe from blasting hot weather. If it’s cold, you layer up but for heat? There’s a limit to how many layers you can take off…

I’ve heard of some useful tips on training during hot days, or more specifically working your hardest to avoid it.

– Run really early or later in the day to avoid the sun
– Check the weather for the week and adjust your runs to the cooler days
– Run on shaddy trails
– Take your run indoors

These are all good ideas and are good tips for starting out but in the words of Scott Jurek Sometimes You Just Do Things.” Sometimes you just need to train in the heat and there’s no avoiding it. Why?

1. As we learned during the 2012 Boston Marathon Nightmare, you can’t always pick your race day weather and races are rain or shine no matter how hot the shine is.
2. If you’re training for a fall race, summer running needs to be done. Or at least for me, if I don’t practice running, I can’t show up on a random day and run a marathon, sadly I’m just not that talented
3. You can’t always pick your day or time you work out when you have other responsibilities. I’m not an evening runner. If I run at night, I can’t sleep for hours so sunset runs are out. Also as a tiny gal, it’s not the most safest running decision I can make.
4. Studies show that heat training improves performance. One study done be in 2010 at the University of Oregon concluded that turning up the heat might be one of the best things for athletes competing in cool weather since Gu.

The researchers took 12 highly trained cyclists — 10 males and two females — before and after a 10-day heat acclimation program. Participants underwent physiological and performance tests under both hot and cool conditions. A separate control group of eight highly trained cyclists underwent testing and followed the same exercise regime in a cool environment.

The study found performance increases of approximately 7 percent after 10 heat acclimation exposures. “In terms of competitive cycling, 7 percent is a really big increase and could mean that cyclists could use this approach to improve their performance in cooler weather conditions,” said Lorenzo. However, the heat exposures must be in addition to the athletes’ normal training regimen.

Heat acclimation improves the body’s ability to control body temperature, improves sweating and increases blood flow through the skin, and expands blood volume allowing the heart to pump to more blood to muscles, organs and the skin as needed. You can read the full study here with all the technical jargon.

This will conclude part one of my two-part running in heat posts. I talked about why you shouldn’t skip your run just because it’s hot, next I’ll talk about some tips and some hot weather running essentials that I’ve picked up from my experience thus far!

Today I tried to implement the heat acclimation theory and was going to skip the treadmill to do some “heat training.” However it started to rain and I had nothing to protect my phone with. instead I went inside. Luckily for heat training purposes the Malden Y is 200 degrees. So I ran my 4 out of 5 miles there instead. Saturday and Sunday are 10 and a 13 miles for me this weekend as part of ultra training. Hopefully the thunderstorms will hide away in the morning!

I hope everyone has a runful weekend!

Sunday Runday – Week 1 of Maybe 50K Training

First of all, Happy Father’s day to the man who made me who I am today and to all great fathers in the world. B I’m very fortunate to have grown up and been surrounded by some very wonderful men in my life. B Sadly, I do not get to see either of the two father figures in my life on this day or often. B My grandfather passed away a few years ago and I miss him dearly. B Because I just moved and have been unpacking for a week I didn’t get a chance to go to NY to visit my parents but I hope to go down soon and visit them in the next few weekends.

If you’re on DailyMile, you’d notice I’m back on the running juice! B I am doing more cross training and more stretching, some ART therapy but for the most part I notice very little difference between running and not running for my tightB piriformisB muscle. B That does not mean that the 10 days off were a waste. B It gave my legs a nd knees some much-needed time off. B It also allowed me to reset my training cycle. B I have a few marathons coming up in the fall but I think ultimately I’m going to train for a 50K. B Not sure which one yet, but I’ve noticed I’m much better training for distance instead of speed so I always seem to get injured when I try to go fast. B Although I’m a forefoot runner, I’m still a very clumsy runner who always bouncing from side to side and yet somehow manages to not fall. B If I had to make a bet on the first runner to trip over her own feet, I would bet its me. B In fact there have been plenty of times on training runs where I somehow managed to kick myself while running on windy days. B The ART doc told me my hips are misaligned and maybe that’s part of it. B Hopefully as I work some more on strength, I can become a more balanced individual (no pun intended).

Its Sunday and this concludes what I’ll consider my first week back in training. B Just because it’s a regular Runday, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up.

My next race is RnR half in Providence and I wanted to test out my racing outfit I got this week. B Best (or maybe worst?) part, it cost me around $50. B Let’s face it, running trends like all others can add up pretty fast and I confess I’m a tool like all others to cute pinks objects. B Running accessories are no exceptions. B I tried to hold back but I finally caved it.

Target Tech Shirt $7 on sale

Marshalls Running Skirt with a zipper pocket in the back $14B I got this on Friday as I hunt down all running skirts except FILA that come in size XS so if you’re interested in one go and get one fast as I never see the same things there twice. B Only exception is FILA skirts because they suck! B I haven’t run in one but I tried on 3 and they already felt uncomfortable before I even started running. B At least in my humble opinion.

Zensah Calf Sleeves $34 as they were 20% off this week at City Sports. B I know I shouldn’t have but I just could not resist. B Perfect for those slightly cool days like today.

So a backwards recap of week 1 of training:

Sunday Run

Total Mile Ran today 10.52 – Outside – 2 podcasts (Running with the Pack & Jillian Michaels) worth!

Total Time 1:28:50 Average Pace 8:27

I stayed on the usual paved road that runs along the fells and did two loops. B It was hot and part of me wanted to stop after my first one and call it a day. B I was running with a full bottle of water to hydrate (Nunn tab for taste and electrolytes). B With the exception of slower start and ending miles, my middle miles were at aB consistentB 8 minute pace. B I’m using the runkeeper couch that I have set to 7:30 my goal race time. B I don’t expect to be running at that speed and to be honest when I first went running I was only targeting a 9 minute mile but wasB pleasantlyB surprisedB that with no stronger effort I was down to 8:30. B I think hearing how far I am off pace from my ultimate goal is just a good reminder to me of my long-term plan.

Saturday Run

Total Miles Ran 10:55 Outside through hills, roads, some trails in the Fells and 7 miles of it were with Tony.

Total Time 1:43 Average Pace 9:46B

I was only going to do 8 miles but Tony and I ran at a fairly easy pace that I just felt like I wanted to stay out a bit longer in the amazing weather we had. B Good thing I did because after I got back, mother nature turned cold and cloudy! B I also caved in and brought a pair of compression shorts and yes they’re totally worth it if you have misaligned hips where you flutter side to side. B This kept me all up and centered. B Maybe it’s just my jiggly butt that makes me run silly.

Friday Run

No Run had an ART appointment instead.


7 miles on the Elliptical, 1.5 miles to the Y & back jog. B I felt sore from Wednesday’s run. B I did the hour-long senior citizens sculpt class at the Y. B I think I’m the only young person there but it’s better than nothing. B Otherwise the only lifting I get is picking up some heavy bricks ofB chocolateB pounders from Trader Joe’s. B Either war I enjoy the more relaxed easy-going environment and am adding the Tue/Thurs class to my training cross training schedule.

Wednesday Run

I didn’t know what to expect from this run. B This was my first longish run on the treadmill in a while. B I had a plan B to quit at 8 miles but I roughed it out for 10! I did the first 8 on incline 3 and the last 2 in a super slow walk/run routine on incline 2. B I still believe that running on incline helps me be faster on pavement. B It did feel good to be rebounding with the old treadmill I saw so much of during March.ues

Totals Miles 10.03

Total Time 1:33 Average Pace 9:11B


Total Miles 4.5 I don’t have the total time or pace as I felt so angry about just being too exhausted to run. B I just moved and was running on 5 hours of sleep. B Lack of sleep = dead legs. B I debated for a while about skipping the Y class but I really had no excuse so I sucked it up, went and felt much better and stronger. B I can almost do 2 big girl push ups.

Monday Run

First day of the week… First day with lack of sleep. B Living on a street with more trees is nice. B Living on a street with birds waking you up at 4AM is a lot less pleasant. B I’m adjusting but Monday was rough.

Totals Miles 6.1

Total Time 55 minutes Average Pace 9? I don’t remember the incline, might have been 2 or 3. B I didn’t run last weekend due to moving so i felt happy for the run.

In summary, 42 miles for my first week back… Not bad. B I feel okay and pretty good since before I took a small break I was running 60-70 a week. B Since my intermission hasn’t been too long I’m following the approach of 20%B mileageB increase until I’m at 55-60 and then possibly 10%. B I need to have a strong base by September 15 as that’s when I’ll be working weekends and running will have to be drastically cut back on the weekdays. B I’ll resume mileage after October 15th to wrap up final training for Philly Marathon before a one week taper of the Weekend of November 18th. B Rough draft of the plan so far. B It’s in my head, now I just need to get it down on paper.

I think for week 2 I’llB targetB 48 miles.

Alternatives After Losing the NYC Marathon Lottery & Getting Your Marathon Mojo Back

So as 90% of all lottery applicants in the NYC Marathon lottery, I was not accepted.

For some odd reason these words of “not accepted” felt worse than a job rejection. B Upon reading my face turned red with embarrassment as if my character had any say in this. B I know melodramatic, but there are alternatives. B I’ll start with the ones that are absolutely useless to me but maybe they’ll work for you.

1. Become a member of theB New York Road Runners for a full year, complete at least nine NYRR-scored, qualifying races, and volunteered for one. B If you really hate volunteering NYRR gives you an option to donates $1,000 insteadB – I barely like making the drive to visit my family, no way am I trekking to NY for a 5K.

2. B Run with a charity -B Yea I pretty much maxed out my friends and family by running for a Boston Marathon charity this year. B I think I’m good on fundraising for the next 10 years.

3. Keep trying the lottery – The three strikes and you’re in policy is being slowly phased out. However, some of you may still be lucky. B In the past, applicants to the marathon have been eligible for guaranteed entry if they have been denied entry three years in a row.B Applicants denied entry for the three years 2009-2011 will be eligible for guaranteed entry in 2012. Applicants denied entry for the three years 2010-2012 will be eligible for guaranteed entry in 2013. Applicants denied entry for the three years 2011-2013 will be eligible for guaranteed entry in 2014. Applicants denied entry for the three years 2012-14 will not be eligible for guaranteed entry in 2015. B 2012 was my first lottery and this ship has sailed for me.

4. Qualify!

Sadly I have not yet reached the current or New Marathon or Half Marathon qualifying time. B And they say Boston is hard…

5. Find an alternative marathon -B There’s plenty of long distance fish in the sea, run somewhere else.

Whats my plan? B I’m going with 4 & 5. B For November 2012 I will take my legs, lungs, heart and the rest me on the road to somewhere else (nominees are listed below). B For 2013 I plan on trying to qualify through a half. B I know they say to never say never but I think cutting 25 minutes of my marathon time (from 3:24 to 2:59) will most likely not be happening in the next year. B Instead I will try to shed a 30-60 seconds per mile of my half marathon time. B If my knee holds up, I’ll be running two half marathons in May. B This will give me a better idea of where I stand and how much training I need. B My guess is that at the moment I am in the 1:37 range. B I’ll probably come up with a plan andB initiateB it at the Rock n Roll Providence in August.

What are my 2012 November alternatives?B

1. Philadelphia MarathonB – November 18th, 2012 – Pros – It’s on my birthday! B What better way to celebrate than with 50,000 of your “friends.” B I can run a mile for each year literally as I turn 26. B Cons – It’s in Philly; nuff sad. B Southwest stopped flying there from Boston for a reason so I would probably drive with a stopover in NYC. B Registration is $95, goes up to $110 after 4/30.

2. Anthem Richmond MarathonB – November 10th, 2012B – Pros – Dubbed “America’s Friendliest Marathon” byB Runner’s WorldB magazine. B Cons – Does Southwest fly there? B I doubt it. B What’s in Richmond? B B Registration is $75 goes up to $85 after 4/30. B Tempting but who will sponsor my flight and hotel.

3. Rock n Roll San Antonio B Marathon – November 11th, 2012 – Pros – I’m not sure, I always wanted to visit Texas? Cons – Travel, Flights, Hotel, Sunday Race etc. The course looks kind of blend and repetitive but I like the idea of a runcation. B Registration is $95, goes up to $115 after 4/30.

4. Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon – December 2nd 2012 – Pros – Its Vegas? Cons – Its expensive! B Aside from travel and hotel, the registration cost is $150. B I thinkB that’sB a bit overpriced for a franchised race. B Also, this race has a total of 44K people and I heard that didn’t go too well for the competitor group last year.

5. Honolulu MarathonB – December 9th 2012 – Pros – I want to go to Hawaii. B Please take me!!!! It sounds amazing. Cons – Usual travel expenses. B But I want to go to Hawaii!!! B Registration is $125 goes up to $155 May 26th.

I’m torn between Honolulu and Philly. B I’ll probably do Philly due to cost andB convenience. B Putting a down payment on a house tends to hurt your vacation budget for the year so unless Southwest goes there (I got miles!) I probably won’t be seeing it until 2013 and beyond. B B There’s also a lot of awesome races in October. B Amica in Newport Rhode Island is one I would love to one day do. B However due to the October 15th US Tax deadline, I will probably work weekends and late nights September 15-October 15h (it’s my busy season) so end of November – December is my ideal race time allowing me to get the long run training in the final weeks of October.

Did you enter the NYC Marathon lottery? B Did you win? B

What are your fall race plans? B

I think I got a plan and the best microwave meal ever

I’m starting to enjoy tapering. B For example I took a6 mile run on incline 2 with no pace goal other than feeling comfortable. B It ending up being only slightly slower than my tempo run speed.

However with the lack of mileage and fear of trying anything new (I don’t want to be sore for Boston) I tried to adjust my diet accordingly. B I tried to eat like my co-workers with calories and control in mind. B I tried, but I failed.

I substitutedB my muffin + 3 cups of peanut buttered oatmeal for this:

Ignore that giant ball of cream cheese, it’s there for calcium

Lunch I tried again to be normal

Grilled Vegetables Mediterranean with Rice! B Although not nearly enough food, I have to admit this was my favorite microwave meal for under $4. B It’s under 250 calories, but that doesn’t mean much if you consume an equal amount of 250 calories bag of trail mix. B I liked how the sauce was cooked separately in that steamer thing leaving my food not that least bit soggy.

The plan for the rest of the week is

Wednesday 10 miles

Thursday 6 miles

Friday rest/cross training

Sunday easy 4

This should leave me for a total of 25 miles for the week and then the marathon!

Any suggestions for healthy lunches? B I’m bored of salads and I’m not eating to run this week. B Therefore, I will be trying to keep my apetite in check to the limited level of activity.

A forced two week taper….

With two weeks before Boston I am in a forced taper. B Last week I managed to get 75 miles in while this week I’m at mile 26. B Working 12-13 hours a day doesn’t leave much for a 10-miler. B I’ve tried but running at 9PM on a treadmill is not worth it to me. B I’m hoping to hit 50 for the week with a final 20 milers on Saturday and then justB ellipticalling (yes, that’s a word, deal with it)B the final week before Boston. B We’ll see.

Since I couldn’t get in any post work runs, I tried to really focus on my 6-milers. B Even when I wanted to take it easy, I tried to push myself. B I have a half marathon in May and I’m eyeballing a 1:35 finish, we’ll see. B Its in Gloucester, MA and I’ve never been there and I don’t know how the elevation and route will be. Part of me is hoping for rolling hills since I really enjoy those. B I love the struggle upward and sprinting downhill. B It’sB exhilarating!

So to recap

Monday – No run didn’t get home until 11PM but I had a pretty sweat work dinner. B Yes, its easy to keep me happy, just feed me. B I guess employers figured that out.

But wait there’s more…

Tuesday I had enough of not moving from my desk for 14 hours and sneaked in a 6 miler during lunch. B Good thing I don’t care about things like doing my hair and thank god for dry shampoo.

Although this was on incline 3 and average pace of 7, I felt a little disappointed that the run didn’t feel any easier after not running Monday. B Luckily myB Wednesday run wentB smoother. B I dropped the incline to 2 and played around with intervals a bit. B The first mile I did at 7:30 pace and kept slowing down afterwards.

7.4 average pace! B I’ll take it. B I knew this week wasn’t going to be about miles so instead I tried my hardest to focus on pace without giving up the extra challenge of a mild incline. B Part of me is stubborn with inclines on treadmills so that i can enjoy running outside a lot more. B It feels easier and the added distraction of scenery makes running outside so much more enjoyable! B Treadmill runs are not there for fun, they’re there for training. B I’ve drilled that into myself.

By Thursday I really wanted to take it easy. B I was still sneaking in a lunch time running thinking it will be another late night. B I kept it on incline 3 and although it wasn’t as strong as Tuesday and I had more walk breaks then I walked to, I pushed myself on the running part. B I guess it was a more mild interval run vs a more steady tempo run on Tuesday but the end result was only off by 9 seconds.

I also decided I was going to be a bear and graze on berries after my regular 3 cups of Oatmeal breakfast. B I think I reached a new max of how many berries I can fit in these little containers. Plus they had all my favorites this morning. B SeriouslyB employers, the way to your employee’s heart is really through their stomachs.

I followed the same for lunch by maxing out a larger container.

Mnn falafal!! B There’s grilled chicken in there as well, but I put it underneath and usually save it for Tony. B I’m such a nice girlfriend. B I make sure he’s fed, even if I can’t cook.

I got surprised today when my team finished up our busy things at work and I was able to leave work before sunset! B So of course I used this opportunity to log some extra post work miles. B 8 miles to be exact for a total of 26 for the week. B If I can manage to get in 4 tomorrow before my flight to NY, all I’ll have left is the 20 miler. I didn’t really have a purpose in this run other than just to get it done before 7pm so I can go home and eat dinner, blog, pack and clean.

Due to a few too many magazine promotions I find myself subscribed to more than I can read. B One of these is Time magazine. B Since I finally finished readingB Girl Who Played with Fire, I dragged it with me on the train this morning where I found this little gem of an article:

While my teeth might disagree, I always have made theB argumentB that my chocolateB addictionB is aB perfectlyB acceptable healthy diet.

This weekend I’m going to Brooklyn to visit my parents and grandmother, maybe see some high school friends, celebrate my Dad’s birthday and pretend to be Jewish for Passover. B Can’t wait to see these crazy not-kids 😉

No, I have no idea what my mom is wearing. B I stopped trying to figure out her outfits a while ago.

I do get to play with this guy!

That Rocky, my parent’s dog/kids replacer.

Of course he can’t replace my boy Jack but he sure shows his affection better.

Yes, leave it to a cat to give you a dirty look for when you try to brush your teeth in the morning.

Any good plans this weekend?

Any good taper week tips?

Long runs and battling a constant mental wall

Today’s run 26.2 for 3 hrs 48 minutesB (8:43 B Average Pace) + 1 mile barefoot cool off on my treadmill at 5.6MPH pace for a total of 27.2 in 4 hours.

Time of run 10AM-2PM

Pre-run fuel – Two pieces of toast (from frozen bread) with butter and salt and two cups of black tea. B I didn’t do food shopping since I’ve been eating at work so no Pitas =( .

Run entertainment – Twilight on Audio Book, no music just audio book

I find my training runs a curious thing. B I’ve been trying to get more technical with my runs to improve me speed but my training run pace and my actual ability don’t make logical sense to me. B On races, I seem to be able to keep a 7:45 pace with still plenty of energy left after the finish line. B Don’t get me wrong, it hurts and sometimes my sinuses try to choke me but I’m manageable. B However, on training runs if i pick up my pace beyond 8:20 my legs feel like dead weight. B I think I have a mental wall against running fast on my long runs unless I’m racing. B I tried to trick myself that I’m only running 5 miles so speed up, then 5 more but my subconcious is too smart for my games. B Instead I just focus on getting in the miles.

My splits are all over the place. I think that has partly to with the fact that I train on a rolling hill trail with some busy streets for the first few and last few miles or maybe it’s because every few miles is a new mental battle.

As my training is coming to an end; my battles are becoming more mental than physical. B Whereas before I had to hold my knee to keep myself from falling over in pain; I now have to hold my head in place to keep myself from getting lazy.

At mile 2.6 B I rejoiced that I am 10% complete and I only have 10 sets of 2.6 miles left.

At mile 6B I rejoiced that I am 25% done not counting the 2 miles downward route that returns me home. B Straight downward 2 miles is a reward for the rolling little hills I run.

At mile 8B I rejoiced that I’m 1/3rd done (notice how my mine breaks everything up into fractions and percentages to make itB manageable) B Since I’ve been running for 4 miles on a running trail instead of streets with cars I am starting to actually enjoy myself.

At mile 13.1 I rejoiced that I am half way done, I am 1 hr and 45 minutes into my run and I feel great!

At mile 15, I’m bored again and decide I have 5 more before I get my Powerade break. B I decide to go for a mile or 2 off my regular concrete road and hill up an actual trail. B I have no regrets. B My love for today’s run is reborn again.

My pace hit 12 minutes because I took a few to enjoy theB serenity.

At mile 17 I remind myself that I only have 3 miles, less than 30 minutes before my “break” as I pop out of the woods and back on the concrete trail. B Goodbye woods! B I text Tony a photo to convince him we should take up trail running after my marathon.

Mile 20.2 I get my break. B I also realized that I can see salt in my sweat on my running skirt. B Charming. B I realize I’m more than a little dehydrated and salivate at the thought of a lemon lime Powerade (only sports drink I truly enjoy, no Gatorade for me not even on races unless I’m really desperate forB electrolytes.) B I run 4.5 miles loops around a lake that has an indoor skating ring with vending machines!! Score.

At mile 21, I remind myself that I only have 5 more miles left as I set out on a 4th but partial loop of my 4.5 mile trail not counting the 2 street miles to my house.

At mile 25 I realize I’m a half mile to short from reaching my 26.2 goal. B I feel tired and a big part of me wants to get over it and just go home. B However, my OCD part is slightly more stubborn as I loop around a few blocks around my house and end at an even 26.2.

At mile 26.2 after taking care of bathroom functions I cooled off with a barefoot very slow run/jog on my treadmill. B My cat learned a lesson today. B No matter how tempting my bare-feet look, its never a good idea to try to bite them as I’m running on the treadmill, even if its at what he thought was a slow pace.

While running I also get emails like this from Tony:

He seems to always have trouble with the cat when I’m out on a run (ie Jack dropping a vase of water and flowers on his computer). B I think its because he does things like this with him.

Jack in a box.

I hope everyone had a great training run this weekend!

Do you use any mental tricks for your long runs to get through the speed and distance?

Gearing up (or lack of) for Boston

Total Miles for the day – 14.5 , 2 runs but more on that later

The Boston Marathon is sub 3 weeks away and I am having minor freak outs!

I know, I need to close my eyes, count to 3 and say my blessings.

I’ve been told that Boston Marathon is huge and to be prepared. B I got my packet in the mail to remind me just how close it is to the race.

Although there are only 9 corrals, it seems there are 23,999 or more runners. B We’re going to get close, real close… Sweating on each other yoga close. B I’ll be in the last corral with other charity runners sadly instead of 4-6 (estimate based on my recent running times). B I am incredibly gracious to be running for the Boston Medical Center; but a small yet very loud part of me is very anxious of the start. B I had a panic attack for several miles at Rock n Roll marathon when I started late due to a broken train with the slower pace runners. B I felt trapped, and myB adrenalineB rushed up! B Although, I think my fear of the crowd and ultimate desire to get away kept me running at a faster pace than what I would normally be running. B Maybe an overwhelming need to catch up to other runners will keep me motivated to run faster!

Now thisB athletesB village thing and the bus thing isB intriguingB and yet frustrating at the same time. B Do I really want to drag my butt into Boston, onto a bus 3.5 hours before the marathon. B I might as well just run there and then run back in that time! B I find this athlete village exciting though. B I am contemplating having Tony (whose taking the day of in my honor ❤ ) drop me off instead. B Decisions, decisions..

I also found this mile by mile guide of the Boston marathon that’s making me pretty excited all over again. B Mile by Mile Boston Marathon Guide B Aside from potential knee pain of going downhill, my lack of gear or skill to know my pace and possibly the dullness of running through framingham and all those other places; the race seems easier than DC. B Maybe, just maybe, if its not insanely hot, and I’m not insanely hungry and cranky from being up several hours before the race, I can PR and go sub 3-24. B I like to dream big, or pretend. B Maybe I’m just on a high from despite having an stressed work day, I have not one but TWO GOOD runs.

Hi good runs, I missed you! B I feel like after DC all my runs have beenB mediocreB at best due to me constantly feeling stressed that I have no time for anything. B Its okay, April 15th is almost here and in reality I only really have one week of work busyness left.

8:29 pace on a 3 incline… My fastest lunch time run yet on that incline. B It hurt, but I knew I wanted to de-stress and I felt much moreB pleasantB as a human being afterwards.

6.9MPH, 8:41 pace on incline 2… I took it as an easy evening run. B I could have gone faster, but I wanted to not over-stress my body so I took it easier than I could have just to get in more final miles. B Overall I felt pretty good about running again.

Also, I’m back on the juice and by juice I mean high fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring that can only taste so good from M&Ms. That might be why my runs went so well today.

They stopped having the M&M 240 calorie bags available in the snack closet. B They changed it for something healthier, almonds or something like that. B However, I realized that I can go up to the cafeteria and just raid the frozen yogurt toppings instead. B Although, if you fill up 3 little cups of these, the purpose of portion control might have been slightly defeated.

After my run, I decided Tony needed something special from me for coming home so late, lately. B I emailed him this.

Yes, in our household instead of sexting, we do sweatexting. B And by we, I mean me because I take full pride in the buckets of sweat I produce from just one hour of running.

Do you think you sweat a lot? A little? Just enough?

Do you have a guilty pleasure snack that makes your runs go faster? B Mine are M&Ms. B Milk chocolate M&Ms or chocolate covered acai berries. B Yum Yum.

Our household is so healthy even our cat tries to eat celery

After playing hooky on my long run this weekend, I tried to catch up a bit on Monday & Tuesday

Monday 14 miles 6 during lunch and 8 after work

The first run of Monday went well with an incline 3 and good average pace of 6.9MPH

The second run was a disappointment. B I got on the treadmill expecting to be flying after taking the weekend off for the most part with no 20-miler. B What B actually occurred was a struggle of 8 slow miles at 9 minutes pace on incline 2. B 6:30PM start runs are rough for me on work days. B My afternoon lunch just isn’t enough, and a snack doesn’t help. B By 6:30 I’m want to be on the couch, not running. B My mentally completely broke me down and I quit as 8 instead of the planned 12 I was doing post work a few weeks ago (although that was a 5:30 PM). B No picture taken as I marched off (and by marched off I mean slowly staggered) of the treadmill in defeat. B Maybe I’ll pretend I’m on a 4 week taper for Boston.

Tuesday 12 miles 6.3 during lunch for speed interval training and 5.7 random miles post work

Finally a good, happy treadmill run! B I missed those.

Post work run was just a catch-up for the abandoned miles on Monday, but none the less went well enough. B Both were on incline 2.

Or maybe it was my new pink workout top from target that kept me happy onB Tuesday. I have a sick love for pink and purple, the brighter the better if you haven’t noticed.

It’s funny howB as soon as I started complaining about how hot outside it was; winter came crashing in with negative temperatures below zero after a week of 70s.

What did I do on Sunday instead of a long run? B I pretended that it was raining hard and went to brunch instead. B Bloody Marys are of course a requirement.

Shrimp & Avocado salad with endive, grapefruit, tarragon at Sportello, a Barbara LynchB restaurant that feels just like eating in your own kitchen.

The best part though is the bakery…

Baked goods like all things should always come in three (or that’s I tell myself) so of course I got a black berry macaron, a dark chocolate salted caramel cookie, and a dried cherries and walnut cookie.

And no, none of these things made it home with me by the end of the day. B But don’t worry, we’re all healthy here even the cat.

On Sunday I also checked out the Boston Crafts fair which was a complete waste of time unless you like paying $749.99 for a painted beer bottle cap. B Yup, I guess that’s some talented crafts right there. B Needless to say, I did not buy anything.

Do you feel guilty when you skip your weekend long run?

Are you still training, tapering, or going with the flow?

I have a million excuses but the truth is, I run because it makes me happy

  1. Its hot
  2. It’s inhumanely humid
  3. The AC is broken
  4. I’m bored
  5. This should be my taper week
  6. I’m covered in more sweat than I’ve had in a while
The list of excuses of why I stopped my second run today at 7 instead of 12 can continue but the truth of the matter is I run because it makes me happy and when I’m not happy (such as when its hot, intensely humid, and boring) I stop running. B I’m not an elite athlete and I’m beyond the recommended 30 minutes of exercise; therefore, sometimes I accept my excuses and call it a day. B I think a big part of me mentally has checked out for the week in the excitement and anticipation of my DC Marathon weekend.
The runs today were actually good. B I knocked out 6 miles during lunch at incline 3 in under 52 minutes which is my new record on these new treadmills.
I took it slightly easier for my post work run with 7 miles (although when I started I intended on 12), 62 minutes, on incline 2 and I just could not stop sweating. B I swear I could have saved a drought in all my sweat!

I also started researching in anticipation of worst caseB scenarioB in DC –B torrential downpour of rainB

The best running in rain advice Ibve read so far:

b Once you are wet, you are wet. Itbs really not going to get much more uncomfortable…b

Some tidbits I intend on following:

Dress in layers but DONbT over dress b Rain can make the weather feel a lot colder and yet hot and sticky at the same time. B The most important layer is the one closest to your body so make sure it’s a technical fabric (not cotton), which will wick water and sweat away from your skin. COTTON KILLs!!! Although I tend to wear cotton tank tops during summer races (Theybre cuter!), they will never dry and I definitely donbt need the extra weight of rain water. B Your outer layer (if necessary) should be a wind- and water-resistant jacket or vest.B Ibm packing my REI rain jacket if it gets really bad, but will try to avoid wearing it as it looks like high of 70s and even with the air vents I canbt imagine it not feeling stuffy. Donbt over dress as more layers just means more wet weight.B Dress as you would have for a dry but cloudy run.

Lube yourself up! b Chaffing becomes a bigger problem as your clothes get heavier and wetter.B Bodyglide/Vaseline and anything that will keep your skin from getting those clothes burns and don’t forget the toes!

Shelter yourself with a garbage bag and a hat b A garbage bag as a poncho seems like a simple solution to minimize clothes wetness while you wait in your coral for the race to start.B Once the horn goes you can toss if off to the side (donbt be rude, I hate when runners shed layers mid-course, give up those 2 seconds and throw your crap to the side of the course) Meanwhile a hat with a brim (finally a purpose for those baseball caps) will minimize some of the rain that will slap your face.B

Protect your gadgets b I canbt run, especially in rain without my music or podcasts.B Ibm reading that ziplock bags do wonders so Ibm going to bring a few.B Waterproof fancy cases work too. =)