Lets get ready to rummmmmmmmmmbbbblee

The Challenger


The Frenemy


The winner?

Let’s call it a draw. B I made it 19 miles (I justified that since I had a mile to walk home from the train and 19 treadmill miles = at least 20 outside miles since there’s no way to make that thing go downhill, just work with me okay!) B But I will not be listing my time. B I think it was an average of over 10min miles because I would take a stretching break, or a crawl up in a ball and pray break. B I did try Gu Chumps. B It tasted good, but I don’t think my stomach approved, or maybe it was the running 19 miles on a treadmill that made me feel like vomit. B Either way, I’m counting this as a 20 miler and I have 3 left until the big day. B Hopefully next weekend’s weather will go above 15B Fahrenheit so my fingers won’t have the risk of frostbite.

Do you ever take your long runs onto a treadmill?

How do you fuel for those 20 milers?