50 Miler Training – Pre-season week 2

I thought about calling this week one since it was a great week but I don’t really have a plan in motion so I’ll keep it pre-season until January 1st.  New Year, New Plan? Right?

I did sign up for the Hyannis marathon February 24th (please don’t snow New England, PLEASE) with hopes of BQing so I guess I could choke this up as a marathon week training.  No trails this week but plenty of miles, no hills but with flatness comes speed.

Sunday – 18 miles 2 hours 22 minutes 7:53 pace
I can’t say I have yet to have a more perfect run that wasn’t a race. I say that each time until I have a new training PR.  This was definitely a pace with distance miles PR that wasn’t a race. The route was running along the ocean in Brooklyn towards Manhattan  two round and back trips on the 5 mile path.  Flat as flat could possibly get, something I don’t have in Boston.  The weather? Seriously perfect, sunny high 30s with moderate breeze since I was near the ocean.  I think I actually kept a pace of 7:43 for about 16 miles with probably a few 7:30 miles to average out the slow 8:30 miles when I ran with stop lights in streets before I got to my path.

The sad part of my run was seeing the destruction on Caesar Bay.  Whole parts of the railing was destroyed from hurricane Sandy with much of the path in rubble   I did feel a certain pride in seeing a good amount of runners and walkers on the path.  I know a recreation path in an immigrant elderly neighborhood won’t be a top priority in NYC, but I”m glad many people refuse to let it go to waste or at least ignore that it’s getting slummy and just run with it.  Nonetheless, I hope the broken parts of cement get remade and railings replaced, south Brooklyn doesn’t have a lot of nice things and I would hate to see one of the few things it got turn to slums.

Saturday – 11.7 Miles 8:43 Pace
Ran with Tony so the pace and distance was shorter/slower than I would have gone for; however, that saving of strength allowed me to have a great run on Sunday.  Run was completely flat. About 6 miles were an out and back 3 mile path with few stop lights.  The other 5.7 miles were around streets of Bensonhurst!  Gave Tony a small tour of my childhood, dropped him off at mile 8 and looped around in random turns wherever the light was green until I ran out of time.  Did a lot of people watching on this run, although with cold weather most people were in hibernation.

Friday – REST

Thursday – Double Duty 8 miles 1:06 on work TM @ Incline 2 and 8 Miles 1:05 on the home mill, average pace around 8:10 for 16 miles
The first 8 miles were good, but the evening miles on the homemill were misery.  I hated every mile after 3 but if I’m going to run 50 miles in June, I need to come to terms that with 50 miles I won’t be loving every mile and as Scott Jurek says, “Sometimes you just do things”

Wednesday – 6.2 53 minutes incline 3, 8:36 Pace
Incline run

Tuesday – 2.7 Work TM @ Inc 2; 22 minutes 7:59 Pace & 6.3 50 minutes, 7:56 Pace
My runch got cut short because I had some work to do so instead I followed up with some home miles for a total of 9.

Monday – 6.3 50 minutes, 7:56 Pace homemill
Busy day at work so I did some homemill miles

Total for Week 2 – 67.1 Miles!

A belated 50 Miler Training – Preseason Week 1 Recap

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This week I decided to work on raising my mileage.  Unlike marathon training where I go for speed, my focus is time and miles.  More time on my legs, more miles, getting comfortable with a mental state of mind when I’m not running at my fastest.  For a type A personality whose always racing to reach her goal, pacing myself towards a 50 miler won’t be easy.  I burn out at races because as soon as I start I want to go at my fastest, which as anyone that reads enough running advice and articles, knows is not the best strategy for long distance.  I may get away with it at half marathons and to some degree at a marathon, but this stubbornness to go all out until I burn out won’t fly for 50 miles.

I decided my “official” training will start January 1st because with holidays and my own laziness I know it will take me a few weeks before I get used to doing double-digit runs on both days of the weekend and basing my runs on time vs. miles.  I’ll start my recap in reverse because all the action happens on the weekend and the rest of the week is just filler and fluff.  So here you go, the bad, the good and the boring.

Sunday – 6.5 Miles 52 minutes – Home Treadmill
It wasn’t exhaustion that kept me from running but pure procrastination until I ran out of time and had to get ready for a party instead of running.  By the time I was like o wait, maybe I should stop watching Vampire Diaries and go run, I had about an hour of free time so I banged this out because I figured better than nothing.

Saturday – 16 Miles – 3 hrs 15 minutes – 8 miles trail, 8 Miles road
If you want a real humbling experience, run the Skyline trail (hardest trail in the Middlesex Fells) with a bunch of guys training for 100 milers.  Yup, I joined the TARC group of ultrarunners in one of their billion mile loops they did that day in the fells and I got my butt handed to me literally twice as I tumbled and fell.  I did get a killer bruise to show off as well.  Did I mention I have a huge, like paralyzing fear of running downhill on trails, or going downhill on mountains.  The trail itself is probably around moderate level for hiking difficultly but the steep downhill parts paralyzed.  I did get a little better and more comfortable as I ran but definitely have a long way to go.  8 miles took me 2 hrs 10 minutes for a humbling 16:15 pace.  I ran 2 road miles to get to the trail and then 6 road miles afterwards to try to regain my confidence.  Those 8 road miles were about an 1 hr 5 minutes.

As NYC kid, I used to consider Prospect Park to be the wild terrain   Needless to say trails and trail running is not natural to me.  Hopefully TARC kids will let me tag along again in the coming weeks.  My 50 miler on my easier and flatter terrain but training on the skyline trail with people who are much faster and better than me will force me to get more confident and braver on the downhill slopes as I struggle to try to keep up.  I need to get more confident in my footing and conquer my fear of the downhill.

Friday – Rest! 

Thursday – 7 miles – 57 Minutes – Work TM Incline 2

Wednesday – 6.1 miles – 53 Minutes – Work TM Incline 3

Tuesday – 10 miles – 57 Minutes – Work TM Incline 2
Alternated between 7.3 and 7.5 MPH

Monday – 8 miles – 1hr 11 Minutes – Work TM Incline 2 & 3

Total Miles 53.6 Miles

So I wanted to get to 60 miles but my own laziness got the best of me.  Good thing this week was just a preseason training week ;).