Scott Jurek; Eat & Run; Vegetarian dining

On Wednesday (of last week) I got to attend Scott Jurek’s Boston book tour stop at the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square. B If you readB Born to Run, you may remember him as the hero of the book. The short discussion on Wednesday introduced him a little more while promoting his new bookB Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness. B

Check out the trailer below!

Scott gave all aspiring runners hope as he described his younger self as scrawny and B ” shy kid with high blood pressure.b However, what we know of him is just the opposite! B Over the course of his nearly 20-year career, Jurek hasB won some of the worldbs biggest and toughest ultramarathons, starting withB seven consecutive victoriesB at theB Western StatesB Endurance Run, a 100-mile trail race in northern California he dominated from 1999-2005. Hebs broken the tape in the mountainous Hardrock 100,B twice wonB the 135-mileB Badwater Ultramarathon, andB found victoryB three consecutive yearsB at theB 152-mile Spartathlon. In 2010, he set a new American record forB 24 hours, covering 165.7 milesB in the IAU-IAAF World Championships in France! B Aside from being an amazing endurance athlete, Scott is also Vegan.

The event was sold out as people even with tickets had to stand. B The discussion was fairly interesting as Scott would tell small anecdotes about this life, races, and friends while Christopher McDougall would take lead of the discussion and remind Scott he’s there to also promote his book.

B Watching those two made me wonder if I’m just too short to be running Ultras. B I could sit here and write-up some of the stories Scott told us but Runner’s World has an excerpt from his book that will do much better justice then my poorly written typos. B Basically Scott told us he wanted to write a nutrition book and a running book but could only write one for the timing being so this is the mixed child of book. Go read the excerpt on Runner’s World! B Eat Vegan & Run.

After the discussion there was a quick book signing. B I brought Scott’s book and then waited like a groupie for an autograph. B I added Tony’s name to the autograph because I figured if I include his name in enough running related things he’ll do a marathon with me eventually.

By the time all was done, it was dinner time. B My friend Lynn and I felt so inspired by Scott that we decided we must eat vegetarianB tonight. B Thanks to my trusty Yelp app, I found Veggie Planet right in the heart of Harvard Square.

Unlike other vegetarianB places I’ve been to this place had tons of options! B We scanned the menu and wanted everything. B However, decisions had to be made because we were just too hungry to think. B Luckily there was a combo option; soup or salad with half a dish. B I got the salad of the day and Lynn got the soup of the day.

ScottB JurekB would have been proud of the quinoa in my salad!

BBQ seitan on top &B B roasted butternut squash, caramelized onions, rosemary & sage, goat cheese and AsiagoB cheese on the bottom; both with coconut rice. B Yes, those are their half portions.

I introduced Lynn to my love ofB awkward Iphone food photos.

Dining Out on Raw Food

It’s sad that for every real visit I get (Hi!!!!!) on this blog, I get hit with 10 spam comments. B These spambots are worse thanB NigerianB scam emails!

None the less its been an easy week. B Knee is feeling better and the new shoes have arrived along with some other goodies from the Running Warehouse.

Monday – 10.5 miles on the elliptical – 55 Minutes

Tuesday – 6 mile run – 3 incline – 51 Minutes

I was going to go for a second run (12 miles) but I had other priorities. B My Gilt voucher to Organic Garden CafeB was expiring Wednesday. B The cafe was closed Monday so instead we made the 20 mile trek to Beverley today. B Per Tony “just because you run 20 miles doesn’t mean its close!” B Thank you Tony for driving!

Organic Garden Cafe is a raw/vegan resturant; something that’s a rarity in the Boston area. B We started out with a raw falafal ball and some cheesey kale chips with a frosty beverage. B If you’re ever there, those are not to be missed!

Those Kale chips are seasoned with crack! B I know it, I want it, MORE!

Tony ordered the “Nut Butter bSquashb Ravioli” B Heated raviolis in red beet bshellsb with rosemary walnuts, and cashew alfredo. B I also think alfredo is just a secret word for crack because I might have dipped my finger on his plate to eat the extra sauce. B JK! B ::Wipes hands in shame::B

I went with the Macro Bowl -B Wilted kale, brown rice, dulse, sauerkraut, carrot, and scallionB with toasted sesame ginger sauc

However, I think our server thought I needed to go on a diet because mine was clearly lacking the brown rice and now I have a carb deprevation headache. B None the less I consumed it all in minutes.

Everything was delicious but I had a fairly light lunch (one of those leanB cuisineB type meals) and this raw meal did not satisfyB my hunger. B So I ordered half of a “live onion poppy bagel” to go with me in the car ride back home. B It was made with a sunflower, sprouted buckwheat, and sesame seed bagel dough, dehydratedB with a touch of agave, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and consumed before there was enough light to take a photo. B Dessert was chocolate covered matzoB courtesyB of when my parents visited. B SuddenlyB my lack of carbs headache was gone.