Madrid – Adventures in Pubs and Bites

Within a few hours of the rail, we went from Granada to Madrid.  Compared to southern Spain, honestly it felt like misery.  It was cold 40s-50s with pouring rain.  In fact it literally rained all day the first day we were there.  Luckily we found a small burger joint called Neilla’s near us.  It was crowded, but it was cheap and it wasn’t McDonald’s.

Madrid 4

Tony was so hungry he got himself a deluxe burger and a chicken sandwich.

Madrid 3

I got a smoked salmon salad but I haven’t figured out how to say dressing on the side in Spanish yet =(


The apartment we were renting was near Retiro Park. I had dreams of running before it decided to infinitely rain and I got sick.  Anyways one of the perks of renting an apartment is that we got to save some $$$ by making our own meals.  Sadly the clementines didn’t compare to the freshness of Barcelona and Valencia, however, the freshly baked bread was delicious. It’s a shame there’s no good baguette places in Boston!

Madrid at night

Anyways, around rush hour, Madrid Puerta Del Sol area gets packed with commuters, tourists, and performers.

Madrid 2

One evening in search of some fried bites we checked out Malaspina, sorta steam punk looking bar with a touch of modern Spain.

Madrid 5

Upon ordering we were greeted with this cheesy ham bites.  This sampler wasn’t enough so we ordered a few more.

Madrid 6

We also got these tomato toasts that were kinda nasty IMO, but this potato tart that came with it was tasty.

Madrid 7

The final disappointment of the night was calamari.  It was fresh but the batter could have used some more flavor.  Our stomachs felt very disappointed by the bites, which was a shame since the place had 4 stars on TripAdvisor.

Luckily, you can’t disappoint with wine.  The wine is always good!

Madrid 12

On another night we checked out Fatigas del Querer, another pub in the Sol area of Madrid.  I normally despise staying in city centers but my mom didn’t want to travel out into a more neighborhood hang out, so there we were.  Around 10pm there was about a 45 minute wait.  We hung out by the bar, drank some yummy sangria.  The food here was slightly better.  Tony ordered a fake paella,  and I got a hefty piece of steak.

Madrid 11

As for my mother?  She stayed on the liquid diet 😉

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