Day one of DC!

This was written Friday march 16 but posted now

I would like to repeat how awesome it is to fly 90 minutes vs driving 8 hours! This whole flying vs being cheap and driving/busing thing is still new to me.

Tony and I are staying at the Westin via hotwire at DuPont Circle. Plus side; close to the metro and awesome bed. Down side; no free wireless!! I refuse to pay since I got data on my phone. I also feel its a bit silly to charge wifi in four star hotels. Had there been a holiday inn option I would have picked it for for the free wifi alone…. And Tony loves their free breakfast.


All I require are bleached white sheets and coffee… preferable one that doesn’t taste like charcoal, but sometimes you can’t be picky.


On another bright side is that DC Westin unlike other Westin experience has let us check in early at 10AM with no groveling on our part! After dropping of our stuff at the hotel, we booked it for the Race expo, got my number and swag in seconds since we got there before noon. The expo was packed to the rim by 12:30.

The expo was a little bit disappointing in comparison to how many people that attended, but I heard you shouldn’t expect too much from RnR ones. I might also be a bit cranky because I was given the wrong size shirt after asking the guy five times for a small. Then again I think I almost never get the size I check off on the registration box so not sure why I felt sad. prob because I liked the USA design. Oh well I did make it out with some samples :).


The best part was the Brooks carnival area. got a free Run Happy hobo hat and got to play skueball! It really doesn’t take much to make me happy 😉

After the expo we decided food would be a good idea since you can survive on coffee and gu chomp samples only so long. After some debate we decided on Roti Mediterranean Grill. Seems like a DC chain that we don’t have in Boston.

A grilled chicken pita sandwich for him.


A Mediterranean chunky chicken salad for her with a side of lemon chicken soap


The sandwich and salad were a good option and the grilled chicken was solid. I wouldn’t travel for it, but for 7 bucks each, it made a solid lunch for a day of walking. The soup; however, please avoid. It tastes like that butter lemon stuff you dip lobster in, only gross.

After lunch we originally planned on going to the spy museum but after finding out its $20 a person we decided to opt for one of the awesome free Smithsonian museums instead. The American Art Gallery was right across the street! It had a beautiful indoor courtyard!


It also had a video game exhibit that was fun!



These crazy things almost gave me an epileptic seizure!


What do you think these people are doing?


Playing video games! Stop thinking dirty things! They had Zelda, PACman, Mario and a few others set up and in the other room the faces of the video gamers were on display. Pretty funny!

One game I don’t remember was this; Maybe I’ll get an emulator for it.


As always, no day is complete without a giant chocolate espresso cookie from Firehook Bakery. It had meh Yelp Reviews, but I needed sugar urgently and this was nearby. Yelp reviewers be damned, I was pretty content with the cookie

It was raining, so stylin’s Geico hat for hair protection! Umbrella was one of things I decided not to pack last minute.

One museum wore me out so we relaxed a bit before V came to DC from NJ. Where we proceeded by getting empanadas at Julia’s Empanadas.


Haha love that random woman’s face behind me. Sorry kids, maybe I just wasn’t drunk enough, maybe it was just too early in the night for this type of food, but not impressed. Either way it was filling, and I guess I can’t complain about a 3.59 priced dinner. Even if it wasn’t the smartest day before a marathon fuel. The inside was yummy, the dough was not.


We then proceeded to walk over two miles to Georgetown and then over two miles back to hotel. Yes this is how I work and prep before race day. I eat crap and walk half a marathon.

While in Georgetown I ruined Tony’s iPad3 testing experience at the apple store. So he proceeded by drowning his sorrows in ice cream at Thomas Sweet. I may have assisted….


Overall lots if eating, lots of walking, lots of seeing. Can’t wait for the race tomorrow!

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