Running for 11 days straight

My running has been scattered, I’ve been going from 50 to 30 miles before Chicago. B 55 miles after Chicago and back to 40 miles last week! B Right after Chicago I dove straight into running, 11 days none stop for 95 miles. B I won’t go into the detail of most runs since all my emotions have been poured into my Daily Mile updates instead but here’s a summary of the runs by day.

A few things to note:

– I think the 13 and some of the 11 milers were done in two parts between lunch and post work. With time management I am finding itB physicallyB and mentally easier to run twice in one day then once in a long time.

– That being said, I think I’m okay with doing double duty for mileage as long as I do one real “long run” a week

– The 15 miles on Saturday was my first long run in a while. B I flirted with some 13 milers in the beginning of the month but haven’t really done long runs in one standing

– The 15 miler was rough. B I averaged out at a 9:05 pace which includes a fast stretch and potty stop at mile 11. B I wish I could say 15 felt easy but I don’t think mentally I’m in long run shape. B I know physically I can do it, but my mind is not into it

– IB struggledB through the 15 miler by listening to gardeningB pod-casts. B I don’t actually think IB absorbedB anything or had any clue what they were talking about but it made me feel like I was multitasking and not just doingB somethingB I wasn’t in the mood for (like running).

– I’m been doing fartleks (not to be confusing with farting haha) on my treadmill runs. B I don’t think it’s the best kind of training for me since I should work on keeping a pace but those help make things less boring.

– I skipped a long run this weekend because I was visiting my family in NY. B Between 9 hours on a bus and just how fast a day and half fly by, I decided taking a 3 hour run was not the best use of my time. B And no waking up early is not an option. B I love my sleep dearly.

– I was stubborn. B So stubborn that I decided I couldn’t go to bed until I did a long run on Monday. B The 22 miles is composed of 6 miles during lunch and 16 after work. B The 16 miles were hard physically. B I thought two days of rest would make me amped up for speed, instead I wanted to sit on the couch and watchB Olympics as I ranB vicariouslyB through the professionals on TV. B I took an 8 minute break around mile 14 where I had to beg myself into going back outside for 2 more miles. B In the end the average pace with break was 9:41. B I know that I ran around 8:30 for the first 8 miles before I just lost energy.

– I did take Gu Chumps, but Gu Chumps can’t replace a real meal that my body wasB cravingB at 7:30 PM. B I tried to tell it that if it waited til 9 a burger and beer was waiting for it, but it wouldn’t believe me. B I listened to about 3 running podcasts to keep me motivated.

Run Run Live podcast is awesome so I highly recommend it for some mojo on your run.

Why am I soB insistentB on long runs again after calling it quits for the summer? Well I must confess, flipflopped back on running the RnR Montreal marathon if I don’t have to work that weekend. B I had a slightB freak-outB when all the promo hotels with group discounts were sold out. B But! I found shelter for $36 a night next to the starting line. B AirBnB rocks!

I will also be using AirBnB for renting a room for the Providence RnR half marathon! B While I haven’t personally stayed in a room through the site yet, friends that have said it turned out cheaper and better than a hotel room so we shall see.

And because I can’t have a post without some pictures

Whenever I visit Brooklyn, sushi takeout is a must

Since Tony wasn’t there with me, I got this all to myself!

My parents took me to Ikea because I am in search of cheap curtains

Alas, no curtains were purchased at Ikea but somehow I walked out with a full belly instead. B I must say, next time I’m going to try to trade some of the balls for more mashed potatoes. B It was great!

This is a Tuesday shot but GeorgeTown cupcakes on Newbury celebrating Crocs

Can I just say that the free secret cupcakes they have everyday is the best worst idea ever.

Hope everyone had a great July!

Can’t believe it’s August in a night’s sleep. B Where did my summer go!

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